40 and over interracial dating

Molloy and his team of researchers polled over 2,500 women and their fiancés (of all ages), as well as more than 1,000 single folks to form the basis of their findings.They present information on things like the power of first impressions, online dating, and the stages of relationships.This past week, I ran across a chapter on dating men over 40 in birthday, I figured the info was worth checking out.I hadn’t considered that there would be much difference in dating men over 40 than dating men under 40, but Molloy’s findings proved my ignorance.They’ll want to know that you fit into the life they’ve already built.

Molloy states that 62 percent of men polled said they “were originally attracted to their fiancée because she was congenial, agreeable, relaxed and easy to get along with” (158).They may want to talk through serious topics earlier in the relationship rather than later.Molloy posits that the process of getting to know the other person – really getting to know them – moves a bit faster with men in their 40s, 50s and up.Research states it’s because those in this age bracket tend to go on first, second, and third dates where they actually exchange information (168).So, don’t be surprised if topics of monogamy and commitment come up sooner than expected. Although the topic can be very uncomfortable to talk about and make it seem like he’s more interested in your money than you, at the right time in the relationship, it’s a conversation that needs to happen.

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