Accommodating resistance exercise machines

These safety features allow therapists to work with more clients at the same time without the worry of injury.Unlike, other systems a therapist can walk away from their patient to work with another patient without worrying about an accident.If a person drops the handle or cannot continue the movement and let's go there is no risk of injury.On most machines the handles stay where they are left and on other machines the handles slowly float back to the down position.Proper form on a Nautilus machine requires that the axis of resistance of the joint align with the center, or axis of resistance of the cam.During a lateral raise exercise, for example, the seat is adjusted so that the center of the shoulder is lined up with the middle of the cam.Nautilus also makes an aerobic machine called the Mobia, which combines the walking features of a treadmill, the stepping movements of a stair-climber and the smooth, circular movements of an elliptical trainer.The machine comes with a chest strap that monitors heart rate, and a specialized nutrition plan.

Lead author MA Pizzimenti reported that the machine did not adequately alter the load to suit the biomechanical capabilities of the hamstrings.As the patient moves slower, the resistance gets lighter.If a handle is suddenly released it stays in place or slowly moves downward into position.Aero Strength has accommodating fluid resistance that strengthens opposing muscle groups with concentric contractions.This combined with smooth fluid movements make it a safe exercise system for nearly any practice.

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