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After her acting career started they moved to the Chicago area. After her graduation, she moved to New York City to work on the daytime drama Another World.At the age of 16, she got her first audition for soap opera As The World Turns. She studied at Ocean City High School in Ocean City, New Jersey. Talking about her career, She started her career with acting. She was involved in the film An Ambush of Ghosts, A Simple Twist of Fate, Donnie Brasco.In her childhood, At the age of 12, her father died due to AIDS when her family was suffering difficulty in financial situation.To manage the difficulty in financial situation, she started her acting career at a dinner theater in New Jersey.On August 19, 2000, Heche drove from Los Angeles to Cantua Creek, a rural area outside Fresno, California. Wearing only a bra and shorts, Heche walked 1½ miles through the desert before knocking on the door of a stranger's ranch house.

Anne Celeste Heche (born May 25, 1969) is an American actress and screenwriter. She is best known for her role in Six Days Seven Nights, where she starred opposite Harrison Ford. Heche is the youngest of five, but her sister Abigail is her only surviving sibling.

) — turned up at Feroce to celebrate Joel Souza’s film “Crown Vic” with producers Gregg Bello, Alec Baldwin and Anjul Nigam.

Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria, toasted the cast, which includes Jane and “The Deuce” actor David Krumholtz.

Bemused at first, Campiz grew uneasy when Heche showed no sign of leaving. "So I called the sheriff's department." When deputies arrived, Heche told them that she was "God, and was going to take everyone back to heaven in a spaceship," according to a police report that was aired on NBC. Heche went 50 miles to Fresno's University Medical Center, from which she was released after a few hours.

As a result of this trauma, Heche also says she had multiple personality disorder.

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