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When asked by one user why he wouldn’t drop his “nuclear arsenal” as far as dirt on Cumia, Ross responded “What’s more nuclear than molesting 14 and 16 year olds in your basement?

” Ross goes on to say “…Anthony allegedly date raped a girl in Cleveland. Keith [Maresca – producer for Compound Media] was the one to tell me how incredibly drunk and resistant she was.

Amazingly, the controversy led to an even bigger opportunity at WWE in New York City.

During the heights of “Opie & Anthony” the show was known to joke and create humor from extremely dark and shocking subject matter.

However, in this case life has imitated art a bit too closely sometimes.

After his exit from O&A and his falling out with Cumia, Danny Ross kept a relatively low profile, save for occasional appearances on the O&A subreddit.

Despite sporadically dropping an interesting tidbit of information here and there, most of his posts are just banter with fans.

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Even with his identity confirmed one must still take his story with a grain of salt.

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