Aquarius woman dating cancer man

She does not like to display her compassionate nature easily to people instead she likes to shower most of her empathy on serious causes.

In relationship with a Cancer man, she enjoys his fascinating dream world and even love to be a part of it as she herself is a wool-gatherer.

Since both of them have an excellent power of imagination, they have a fervent rendezvous through lovemaking.

To gain harmony in the relationship of Cancer man and Aquarius woman is some what tough but not too difficult either.

As the naughty Aquarius woman and jolly Cancer man decide to walk hand in hand for life time, they create an aura of happiness around them.

Their smiles are more quixotic and their words are more loving for each other with every passing day.

For making their romance a real passion, they both need to be emotionally very close and open with each other.

He loves friendliness and originality of his Aquarius lady but her absentmindedness and easy approach to romantic relationship makes him sad.He is always on lookout for a partner who would resemble his mother in terms of the perfection exuded by her.In love with an Aquarius woman, he enjoys her friendly nature and provides her with long term happiness and security.He now understands how to give up with the past and look around for new horizon with his lady love and she now gets to value love more than even, understanding the tender and soothing effects of it.The humors of Cancer male fills their life with rejoicing moments to be cherished forever and she always brings about freshness to their unison with lots of fun and frolic to be admired throughout.

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She is one of those rare people who would help him to discover many new facets about himself that he was not initially aware of.

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