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***SUCCESS STORY*** Dear Dave, I give you gratitude in SPADES.Now fully converted against the way of the WUSSY, my knowledge is expanding like Oprah’s waistline.I began my “player patter” immediately and the dialogue went as follows…Me: You know what they say about girls who wear these, right? (I pause for a few seconds, then crack a hint of a smile) Me: That you cant afford enough jewelry, so you use your bracelets as earrings.5 minutes after arrival, my optical sockets fell upon the physical structure of a quite genetically fortunate femenine specimen (about a penny short of a dime).I made eye contact and kept it with her as I made my approach.I replied that if people didn’t eat burgers and wear leather, we’d be up to our armpits in cows! Now here comes the comment part of this e-mail: within 5 minutes, I asked her for her e- mail, which she gave and then her phone number, which she refused to give me at first. Women are sometimes hesitant to give out their numbers, and they have every right to be…there are a lot of a#holes around.When she answered “no”, I immediately asked “How often do you answer your e-mail? She didn’t give her number out, but she was interested in keeping communication open between us.

If you don’t quite get how these things work at first, that’s OK.For your entertainment, Jedi Master, I bring you my latest tale of triumph (your loyal band of apprentices could put this to use as well)….three moons ago I found myself in a familiar terrain (an alcohol infused celebration inside a residential dwelling)…but this time my noggin was armed with Dave’s boost of mackishness.I couldn’t figure out why THEY hung around but the women I was interested in ran away.I was the biggest pansy-ass wuss that ever walked the campus.

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(her jaw dropped, obviously surprised…then turned into a smile) Me (pretending like she said I was right about her): Dammit, I hate it when Im right! (I start walking away, but she grabs me by the arm) Her: What’s your name?

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