Array asp dynamically in updating

my Array[obj Index]= "Laila" //Log object to console again.

The first parameter (2) defines the position where new elements should be added (spliced in).

The conceptual issue is that the array is a mixture of string and ints and I am not sure how to recreate this, so how?

Now i want to generate The columns and rows of the Grid View Dynamically and also want to edit and update the created row.

when the user chooses a value from one, I need to go to the db and execute a query, and then populate the 2nd pull down menu with the retrieved would I go about this?

I want to start with a single resource but if user wants more than one, they will simply click “ADD” and new UI fields for Resource, Start Time and End Time field will show. This makes sense but I unable to find example codes for this: - How do i present a new dropdownlist (from model) when user click add button.if not is Array(session("cart")) then dim local Cart(3,20) else local Cart = session("cart") end if 'Get product information product ID = trim(request.Query String("productid")) product Price = trim(request. Firstname Last Name Meeting Title Resource Start Time End Time I use the built in scaffold feature to generate the view.Above works fine when user wants to schedule one resource.

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