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You can add, edit and remove either the Data Sources or the Queries by using the buttons located under the lists. Note that after the Save button is pressed on these forms, the Data Source or Query will be validated, and the error message will be displayed if the Data Source or Query cannot be created.When the Apply button is pressed on the wizard form, all the Data Sources will be posted to the server.In this article, I’ll look at the stock project model and explain how the different compilation models work.I’ll look at the project system, the page parsing mechanism and page compilation, and how applications deploy.When the Apply button is pressed on the Wizard form, the Custom Query Wizard Model object that was edited on the client side is converted to JSON and passed back to the server as a callback parameter. Callback event handler, the Custom Query Wizard Model class is restored from the parameter passed form the client and used to update ASPx Report Designer. Not to lose the report layout designed in ASPx Report Designer on the ASPx Callback Panel callback, it is saved by using the client-side ASPx Client Report Designer.Perform Callback method that triggers a callback on which the report layout is saved and raises the server-side ASPx Report Designer.Save Report Layout event handler, where the report layout is saved to the Session.

After one of the data sources is selected in the list you will see the list of its Queries in the right list box. buttons are pressed a separate modal form will be displayed to add or edit the selected Data Source or Query.

After the Wizard popup form is opened, JSON data passed to the client is converted to the Java Script object and used to populate a Wizard form.

So, this object is used to edit the data source collection on the client side.

You can add them to your report by pressing a button in the Field List: Or by using the built-in Report Wizard that is available in the Report Designer menu: Implementation Details: The main idea of this approach is to use the ASPx Report Designer.

Data Sources property to pass the set of Data Sources to ASPx Report Designer.

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They completely overhauled the way that page compilation works in the new version without breaking the way that original compilation worked in ASP. The motivation behind these changes in the model was to make it easier to use ASP. In Visual Studio 2003, creating a new project-or even worse trying to open an existing project moved from another machine-was a fairly involved process that required creating a virtual directory, ensuring that Front Page extensions were installed, and making sure that the project file was configured correctly to point at the virtual directory before you could even start to look at the project.

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