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The idea is simple - request an Access Token from the Authorization Server, then attach the obtained Access Token as an HTTP header when making requests to the API.

All requests to the API must include an Authorization HTTP header, with its value containing the retrieved Access Token.

Meanwhile, James had just moved back to NYC from Texas with his recently adopted daughter. Since it was Christmas time, his mom was visiting, and that allowed him to have a much-needed night out at a movie.

Afterwards he stopped by the game night just as we started playing "Apples to Apples," a game where everyone has cards that contain lots of different random nouns, like "The First Day of School," "Madonna" or "The Cold War." Then one person who's the main player for that round puts down an adjective like "Ugly" or "Distressing" and everyone else puts down the card from their hand they think most describes that adjective.

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recipients continue to build their ever-expanding empire of innovative artistry and entrepreneurial endeavors throughout their colossal career.

With their romantic roots-infused “Simple” surging Country charts, as the lead single off their anticipated fourth studio album, the kings of collaborations are shattering records with 3X PLATINUM-certified #1 “Meant to Be” with Bebe Rexha [14th #1 overall as artists plus leads the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart for a 28th week – surpassing FGL's own "Cruise” for the second-longest reign overall].

I couldn't wait to have non-stop dates with all different people and was elated when I got an email from DJ Salisbury (a sassy director and choreographer) who wrote that he had seen my dating profile on and recognized my name from "the business." He then invited me to a game night for singles! It was at a Chelsea restaurant and there were around eight other guys there.

Frankly, I was interested in every single one and planned on asking them all out (see Desperate And

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You can hear sample clips of their voices on the characters page.

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