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If you are a single South African on a mission to find true love, we are here to help you meet Mr or Mrs Right.Register for your free trial account to set up your profile today, and your romantic journey can get started!Now, finding that special someone has never been easier.Better still, you have far more control over the type of person you wish to meet, along with a host of features that make online dating fun and rewarding.There became many inconsistencies with how this cocktail turned out color wise. So I apologize if you’re coming from Pinterest and the ingredients are now different from the original posting we wanted to change the cocktail to ensure a black cocktail every time.This new vodka lime daiquiri cocktail fixes the original issues.This recipe has been changed from the original posting.You can find the original recipe at the bottom of this post, as I know some users did not have issues with it.

Into a separate jar add 1 cup of vodka (plain or flavored) and 4 drops of Wilton Black Icing Color. 2 oz Black Vodka 1.5 oz Real Cherry Juice (Deep red color not fake red) 1 oz Orange Juice 0.5 Maraschino Cherry Syrup (Liquid in the Maraschino Cherry Jar) Pinch of Wilton Pearl Dust Ice In the bottom of a shaker add your black vodka, cherry juice, orange juice, maraschino cherry syrup (liquid in the maraschino cherry jar), and pinch of pearl dust. I recommend making this ahead of time and test out how to set up lighting on your drink table to get the most glitter effect. If you find the cocktail pulls brown on you, remove out the orange juice and up the cherry juice to 2.5 ounces. […] searched the internet for a mysterious cocktail recipe to impress your guests, why not try this black magic cocktail from Elle Talk. A black shimmering Halloween or Galaxy cocktail made with black vodka, lime juice, and simple syrup, Black Magic cocktail. This post contains affiliate links, please see our Site Policies for further information.When I was a kid, Halloween was my favorite time of year.Cheers, Elle Grab the Wilton Pearl Dust in White here. This vodka can be hard to come by in certain areas. There are other companies who have come out with black vodkas, so use whatever you can find. The magic comes from Wilton Edible Pearl Dust in white, silver or gold.You can also use the colors in Silver & Gold for different effects. If you have trouble finding it you can make your own. Tell me one of your favorite things about Halloween, if you celebrate the holiday. Get your Black Magic on with this recipe from Elle Talk.

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