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This is not where you go to get fresh nigiri and an uni sampler.

This is where you go to eat gigantic, sauce-doused crunchy California rolls and take advantage of their Happy Hour that goes for most of the night. tends to get lost in the frantic shuffle of Franklin Village, but this neighborhood tavern is a good spot to figure out how much this person doesn’t look like their profile pictures.

They serve excellent rum cocktails, and a loco moco you have no excuse not to order.

Village Idiot works for an affordable date because it perfectly straddles the line of being a restaurant and a bar. You can talk about that time you snorkeled and a very friendly-looking turtle tried to eat your finger. Ellie’s isn’t quite overlooking the beach, but it’s close enough that your turtle story won’t feel out of left field.

Whether you’re there for some excellent craft beer or just a very underrated fish and chips situation, Village Idiot’s low-key, dimly-lit interior is ideal for when you have no idea if you’re actually into this person or not. Get a table on the quiet front patio, order a couple of the excellent homemade pastas, and always start with the bread and pork butter.

Mission Cantina is one of most overlooked casual dinner spots in Hollywood.

The tiny Mexican place on Sunset doesn’t look like much from the outside, but they serve some solid food at affordable prices in an environment that actually makes you want to sit and get to know someone.

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