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" On June 28, Mayweather received a letter that was turned over to prison guards.

"After close examination, the letter appeared to be soiled ..." a report states.

"My mind is not the same," Mayweather wrote in one impassioned request from inside the Las Vegas jail.

"I've lost weight I am stressed out I can't workout and I need some type of exercise." Records also show that Mayweather was disciplined by officials, written up for "borderline threatening" an officer and suspected of paying off other inmates to receive preferential treatment, including a Latino gang member awaiting murder charges.

At the end of his first week inside the facility, records show that Mayweather called a guard and asked to receive medical attention for bruised ribs.

When asked how he could have hurt his ribs, Mayweather said,"I dropped a bottle of lotion and it rolled under my bunk," according to the report, and then "[I] bent over to pick it up and heard something pop." Mayweather then pulled up his shirt to show the officer "a bump on his rib cage." While it's unclear how a boxer so known for his ability to elude injury over 45 professional fights could have bruised a rib bending over for an errant bottle of moisturizer, Mayweather was carted off 20 minutes later for X-rays.

Internal reports and documents from the jail, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, not only detail Mayweather's imprisonment for the first time, but also paint a rare portrait of the eccentric champion during one of the most difficult periods of his life.

Known for his tireless training, speed and agility, Mayweather refused to eat nearly every meal he was served inside the facility, according to records, surviving instead on a diet of commissary snacks, including Chili Cheese Fritos, candy bars, packets of chicken ramen noodles and "kippered beef," a kind of beef jerky.

For years, the younger Mayweather eluded those charges.In September 2010, former girlfriend Josie Harris claimed that once Mayweather learned she was dating another man, he stole her cell phone and hit her, in front of their children.Facing a felony conviction with a hefty prison sentence, Mayweather pled to a deal in which the charges were reduced to misdemeanors, with a two-month sentence in the Las Vegas jail."He looked me in the eye and he told me that when he gets out of jail, he won't forget me," Snowden reported. In his report, Snowden wrote that his rationale for the penalty was "for borderline threatening me and for being verbally abusive." In response, "[Mayweather] then told me I had a black heart," Snowden reported.To the officer, Mayweather's remark sounded like a threat. Mayweather quickly figured out the internal economy and politics of jail, the records suggest.

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