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Any dating etiquette guidelines you choose to follow is acceptable as long as you remember that no one person is the same, we all have different backgrounds, experiences and expectations. No one will be exactly what we want, but they might have many qualities and compatibilities we appreciate.

One needs to remember like in most situations, dating behavior is not static and will vary depending on many elements- whether it is a first, second or third date. Traditionally, a few rules have been the norm, however, with the advent of feminism and gender equality they have been adjusted, changed or even abolished.

Men can easily be set apart from the world and just about every other guy by being the opposite of today’s culture.

Open doors, be polite, and strive to remain pure in dating life.

Too many Christian men look and behave exactly like non-Christian men. The culture today tells men that chivalry and manners are dead and that the time of casual sex and freedom is here.

This isn’t the way a biblical relationship is formed.

If the true desire of a man’s heart is to find a woman who loves Jesus, patience is a must.

The idea is to be patient and thoughtful before making a decision. Become a man who treats women respectfully, with kindness, and with purity.The closer men come to being men of true integrity, the wider that door to a woman’s heart will open.Purity can be a very tough issue but it can also be a key differentiator. When a woman sees a deep desire to keep a pure heart and relationship with Jesus, she will also know how seriously that man will guard their own heart.Being a Christian in today’s world can be a huge struggle, especially in the years leading up to marriage.

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