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"You can do it while you’re doing other things, you’re expected to respond immediately, you’re not expected to use it mindfully and thoughtfully." Increasingly, however, people treat texting as "their main mode of communication with their significant others and important people in their lives, and there’s a tremendous amount of miscommunication and misperception that goes on" because of it.And that can hold course-altering implications for our relationships.Researchers at the University of Alberta looked at the sexting habits of 615 people, and found that those who sent sexual messages and/or nudes a few times per week (frequently), or even daily (hyper-frequently), reported higher levels of sexual satisfaction in their relationships — but that's it.

A little sexy texting can add zest to a relationship, one 2018 study found, but too much can portend bigger problems in the relationship.They determined that check-ins with significant others and friends aren't problematic in and of themselves — indeed, the notifications give us little dopamine boosts — but become risky when we start treating them as escape routes.In addition to the benign banter, "We also text to avoid dealing with relatives at the family party and to break up with someone," Trub noted.Do you treat your phone as crutch to carry you through boring situations?Do you feel anxious without it, uncomfortably unaware of what's going on?

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