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Section 304 also requires employers to train and educate their employees and to inform affected employees of the findings from incident investigations required by the process safety management program.Many employers, under their existing safety and health programs, already have established methods to keep employees and their representatives informed about relevant safety and health issues and may be able to adapt these practices and procedures to meet their obligations under PSM.A block flow diagram is used to show the major process equipment and interconnecting process flow lines and flow rates, stream composition, temperatures, and pressures when necessary for clarity. Process flow diagrams are more complex and show all main flow streams including valves to enhance the understanding of the process as well as pressures and temperatures on all feed and product lines within all major vessels and in and out of headers and heat exchangers, and points of pressure and temperature control (see Figure 1 for a sample process flow diagram).Also, information on construction materials, pump capacities and pressure heads, compressor horsepower, and vessel design pressures and temperatures are shown when necessary for clairity.The information pertaining to process equipment design must be documented.In other words, what codes and standards were relied on to establish good engineering practice?

Dispersing storage into locations so that a release in one location will not cause a release in another location is also a practical way to reduce the risk or potential for catastrophic incidents.The P&IDs are to be used to describe the relationships between equipment and instrumentation as well as other relevant information that will enhance clarity.Computer software programs that do P&IDs or other diagrams useful to the information package may be used to help meet this requirement.Application The various lines of defense that have been incorporated into the design and operation of the process to prevent or mitigate the release of hazardous chemicals need to be evaluated and strengthened to ensure their effectiveness at each level.Process safety management is the proactive identification, evaluation and mitigation or prevention of chemical releases that could occur as a result of failures in processes, procedures, or equipment.

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