Computer keeps restarting while updating

Windows may just need some time to finish the process, especially if it’s a big update and your hard drive is slow and full.If you see a percentage number on your screen and it’s increasing, leave Windows alone as long as it appears to be making progress.Depending on how big an update Windows has to install and how slow your computer and its internal storage are, this process could take a while to complete.It’s common for this message to appear on your screen for up to five minutes.The update installation had failed, but Windows was still working properly. Second, we restarted our PC while the screen said “Working on updates, 27% complete, Don’t turn off your computer.” Windows restarted normally and we saw a message saying “We couldn’t complete the updates, Undoing changes, Don’t turn off your computer.” After the process was complete, Windows booted normally and everything worked as expected.We also tested this process while installing a major Windows 10 update, going from the Fall Creators Update to the April 2018 Update.Unfortunately, it’s normal to wait a while for Windows to update, and this wastes an immense amount of time.

Restarting your computer may not have even caused the problem—your computer may have gotten stuck at the “Getting Windows ready” message because the Windows operating system already had an error.

However, if this message has appeared on your screen for a long time, you may need to restart your PC.

We recommend waiting two hours, just in case Windows is doing a lot of work.

We recommend always having backups of your important personal files, just in case.

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