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While this construct looks like a shell environment variable reference, the full environment is not available. So, when CVS prints this message, it is checking out the latest revisions of the administrative files.If you have added files to the Whenever a commit is being processed, CVS consults this file to determine whether or not any precommit checking of the file is required.If the checking program exits with a nonzero status, the commit is aborted.The programs that run via this mechanism run on the server computer when a remote repository is used.file allows you to give CVS default options for commands that work with files.Lines in this file consist of a sh-style filename pattern followed by a -k (keyword substitution mode) option and/or an -m (update method) option.Here is an example of a ) to read from the repository.Version 1.10 doesn't support alternate directories for lock files and reports an error if this option is set.

A single computer can run multiple copies of the CVS server, and each server can serve multiple repositories.

directory is created at the top-level directory when checkout is run.

This allows the client software to detect the repository locator in that directory (see Section 14.4.1, "Repository Locators"). This option is useful if you check out multiple modules to the same sandbox directory.

directory contains the administrative files for the repository; other directories in the repository contain the modules.

The administrative files permit (and ignore) blank lines and comment lines in addition to the lines with real configuration information on them.

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