Dating dealing with competition

But we're not so sure that one's follower-to-following ratio on social media indicates good moral character or other things you'd look for a potential mate. Why We Like It: While many Tinder conversations don't even begin—or take weeks to lift off—Bumble forces people to start chatting right away.

Because the clock's tickin' in real life too.

When women's hormonal cycle is nearing her ovulation stage, which is her peak fertility, they have a higher tendency to choose products that would enhance their attractiveness, such as sexier and more revealing clothes.

It has been shown that when women at their peak fertility, they will have an increased awareness and sensitivity to female intrasexual competition.

Why We Like It: A friend of a friend is always a friend of mine.

It's nice because it takes some of the anonymity away from dating since you only see people in your area who share a mutual friend (or friend of a friend) with you on Facebook.

When testing for female intrasexual competition, research has shown that women would purposely choose luxury items that boosts their level of attractiveness, and will disregard non-attractive items, even if they are luxury items.It's pretty much a game of Would You Rather, except you also get to vent and complain about annoying people, things, and events.Since it's rather new, the dating pool is a bit smaller than more mainstream apps, but we think the concept is fun: finding a connection based on mutual pet peeves.Why We Like It: As you can see, this is one of the few apps that actually charges a monthly fee, which adds to the members-only vibe.Before you can set up a profile and use the app, you'll need to be accepted.

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