Dating my roommate

6 – Too Much of a Good Thing Even when you are head over heels for your significant other, you sometimes want some time alone.

When you live together, you are together constantly, and it can be harder to get this alone time.

However, perhaps you are just so totally comfortable with each other, this won’t happen. 3 – The Boundaries Beware When you have a roommate, certain boundaries are established.

For example, if you share a bathroom, that doesn’t mean that you share shampoo or toothpaste.

2 – Somewhat Embarrassing Moments Become Very Embarrassing If you are living with your romantic interest, suddenly all those sort of embarrassing moments, for example, bodily functions and bodily noises, may become way more embarrassing. There are certain things couples don’t do in front of each other right away, and it takes time to build up to that comfort level.You never end up leaving things on the other side of town after a sleep over It’s pretty nice to not split your closet between two places across town. After all, even though you’re something more than friends now, you’re still sharing a kitchen and maybe a bathroom: Make sure you pull your weight.And most of all, enjoy it Stop worrying about whether it’s the sensible thing to do. Enjoy having the person you love so near, and cherish the moments you share together without getting too bogged down in the heavy stuff. So have fun and everything else will sort itself out.Plus if you do say something or act impulsively you are stuck with that person for however long your lease is and that can get really awkward if things don’t all go well.So it’s smart to just take things one day at a time, even though that love interest happens to split dirty dish duty with you Be honest with each other, and with your other housemates Dating a roommate doesn’t just alter the relationship you have with them, it also alters the dynamic of the house.

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