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For more on what’s new with the latest GTA Online Content update, check out our page how to buy Penthouses, their Prices and all the new Vehicles.Whenever Rockstar updates GTA Online heads swivel and the inevitable question returns – when is GTA 6 coming out?It seems like all of the games, including the Lucky Wheel, are blocked in certain countries based on how strict the gambling restrictions are.Because of the potential consequences of doing so, we wouldn’t recommend using a VPN to bypass these regulations.Also, when you buy one of the many options of Penthouse, you get an amount of Casino chips with each one.If you buy the top property, you receive a princely 5,000 Chips.High-octane Grand Theft Auto action is available right on your computer, completely for free. Wield dangerous weapons, steal fast cars, and race around the city in our GTA games.You'll feel like a real criminal, running from the cops and trying to escape from the FBI.

If it’s still 3-4 years away, expect GTA 6 to be released around 2022.With your Chips in hand, all you have to do now is approach the game you want to play! A lot of players are reporting that they’re seeing the same “this feature is not available for you” message when they try and play at the Casino.Apparently this is because of regional gambling laws.That’s bollocks, obviously, and the rumour was soon shot down. GTA 6 doesn’t have an official release date yet, and even when it does, Rockstar has a history of delays.GTA 5 was held back, and the PC version was also delayed a couple of times.

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