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- Taxman I think that फिलिपीन्स is the most correct one .

The diacritic mark in फ़ि is not part of the standard alphabet but part of an extended set used to transcribe Urdu in Devanagari.

(I'm pushing the Tagalog Wikipedia to use vernacular words rather than "borrowed" English or Spanish words because it was named "Tagalog".On the other hand, Tagalog is a dialect in the area where Southern Tagalog region, Metro Manila and Greater Manila is located, also the language used by Tagalog people.Essentially speaking, many Filipino words, syntax, and sentence constructions came from Tagalog.As to say, Filipino is the language spoken primarily (and being taught) to Filipino people, whereas Tagalog is spoken only by a limited region.There are some variations, to prove, of some words used in Tagalog and Filipino: for example, comfort room or restroom.

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