Dating unsure of relationship

You’ve met their family, hung out with their friends, and their clothes frequently find their way into your hamper.

for a while now, and things are starting to get serious.

We went to the experts to find out the most common scenarios where those pesky second thoughts can find their way in, and whether they’re truly red flags for your relationship.

So you’re out at bar with your friends, and you find yourself in conversation with a rando cutie.

Remember, it’s up to you to communicate what you want. Though if they really don’t improve over time or you feel like they aren’t respecting your needs or limits, that’s when it may just be a case of sexual mismatch, she adds.

Often, asking and instructing—while keeping it playful and reserving judgment—is all it takes to get your S. Plus, if it’s not working out in the bedroom, chances are it’s also not working out so well in the rest of the house (or outside of it).

“Sex is a type of communication, and it tends to parallel the dynamic between partners in non-sexual realms,” Batshaw says.

However, if your potential kin aren’t exactly warm and fuzzy toward you, it’s totally normal.

And vice versa: You’re just as responsible for listening and adjusting your behavior accordingly when your partner lets you know you’ve crossed a line.

Yes, research shows sharing some fundamental beliefs and values is essential to any relationship’s lasting potential, but you may need to examine your defensiveness if you find yourself inclined to quit a relationship simply because a partner respectfully offers a perspective that clashes with your own.

(Yes, not telling the person you’re dating about the guy or gal you’re seeing on the side totally counts as a deal breaker.) Equally worthy of ending it: If your partner repeatedly puts you down, invalidates you, or belittles you, which qualifies as emotional abuse, Batshaw adds.

Of course, nobody’s perfect, and part of being in a relationship means dealing with your partner’s baggage.

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