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If you make more money than he does, maybe he thinks you are fine covering the extra expenses related to the dog and whatever.You seem to expect him to automatically start giving you more money without ever having to say anything.Relationships aren’t perfect because humans aren’t perfect, but some dating stories are serious cautionary tales. From the funny to the crazy to the downright dangerous, we walk through real-life rendezvous and romances in hopes of wising up as we mix and mingle.Anthony ONeal was broke and homeless after getting carried away with credit cards in college.When his parents refused to bail him out he found himself living out of his car and bathing in the back seat. He clawed his way out of consumer debt and now works with Dave Ramsey, helping others avoid the debt trap.He has plenty of tips for young adults, from how to live without credit cards to buying a car without going into debt to scrimping in some areas so you can splurge in others.He moved in with me fairly soon after we started dating (I own my own place and he was living with his dad) and for about 7 months he did not contribute at all, even after he started parking in one of my rental spots for free and I lost the income for it.I eventually got fed up and spoke to him about it and told him I was feeling used.

Yes, it’s a bit lame and shitty that he’s a “free rider” who is gladly taking advantage of your goodwill.

I only make 13K more than him but am paying for 70% of our joint expenses. If your boyfriend is, in fact, a good person, he is interested in making you happy.

I know that I should tell him I am feeling used once again but I resent that we are back in the same situation that that this is even a conversation that needs to be had. Selfish doesn’t have to equal “bad.” If anything, it means self-interested. He is also interested in procuring the best financial arrangement for himself because, well, people are selfish. Similarly, you are acting in your own self-interests (even though you’re floating 70% of the joint expenses.) By bending over backwards to support him, by swallowing your tongue to avoid discussing this with him, by refusing to set boundaries with him, you don’t have to have a scary discussion that may result in the end of your relationship.

An unreasonable man will continue to negotiate for his own self-interest instead of what’s fair. One final caveat: do you really want to marry a man who is fine being a taker?

I know he’s a good person and your best friend, marriage requires more than that. Think about that after you renegotiate and before you get engaged.

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