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At Fort Bragg Delta operators are taking their seats, preparing for a mission brief.

Just about everything at the unit is compartmentalized, with teams working their own independent operations.

However, what we are told in the literature is that Delta works for the Secretary of Defense and the White House.

Take note of that, mission orders and details are communicated verbally and in-person. Jenson opts for a small eight-man team to go in for the snatch and grab in El Salvador.Jenson then lets it slip that he served with Valenzuela in MACV-SOG where he disappeared on a mission “across the fence” in Laos.What Jenson keeps to himself is that the mission was the recover a small canister of plutonium taken from the university reactor at Hue City shortly after the Tet offensive.While they know that their teammates are running ops as well, what they may not know is that their missions are actually inter-connected with one another, playing towards the same end game.Throughout the novel, two men will quietly meet for a side bar outside of official briefs, the CIA director and Delta commander hashing out their own plan, and then only briefing part of that plan while only two or three people in the world know the full scope of the actual mission.

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In real life, Delta’s chain of command was a point of contention.

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