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Considering that there are dating sites for farmers, cat lovers, sci-fi fans, and even women who just want to find a guy that sounds like Hugh Grant, it’s no surprise Disney devotees have their own dating site, even though it isn’t officially affiliated with Disney. Samantha from Yorba Linda, CA "I'm that ' Disney person' lol!

" Check out her profile https://t.co/t L4MVL9atv pic.twitter.com/2a Ok0Vybsy— Mouse (@Mouse Mingle) July 27, 2017The site has people answer questions about their favorite Disney movie and songs, and also has a lot of questions regarding the theme parks, although the site says you don’t have to live near one of them to sign up.

which probably intersects with a dozen other attractions' stories they'll need to mention to help you get the full picture. Listening, asking questions, and wanting to know more will be the greatest gift you could ever give them!

And that brings us to the next reason to consider dating a Disney Parks fan...

Tavres once worked as an engineer on the Disneyland Railroad, so he has a history with Mickey.

And though he wasn't running around hitting on potential suitors on-site, he said he "found it hard to find women who were as interested in Disney as" himself.

"You don't need to live near a Disney Park to find someone like you.

Mouse Mingle is now working on a mobile app, and the LA Times reported that the founder of the site, Dave Tavres, quit his job to work on improving the site so more people could find their way to their own Disney-themed wedding. Well, maybe it’s time to start by searching for someone who shares your love of all things Disney to find your own happily ever after.Mouse Mingle is a dating site that caters to fans of Disney, helping Mickeys find their Minnies.It's fair to assume that if you choose to share a part of your life with a Disney Parks afficianado, you'll spend a good amount of time at Disney Parks... Each time you get frustrated hearing about the far-flung annoyances of Pixar piers, characters coming to Epcot, and Guardians of the Galaxy Towers of Terror, just consider these eight simple benefits to be gained by dating a fan of Disneyland and Walt Disney World. If so, be sure to share and tell the world that it's worth it... Image: Disney It's AM Eastern Standard Time, precisely 180 days before your visit to Disney World.Did you remember to set an alarm to book your dining reservations?

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