Dns is not updating

I have changed IP addresses from dynamic to static in Network Connection properties of 3 Windows XP machine.But it doesn't update DNS records in DNS server (AD integrated in Windows 2003 Domain level).Make sure to remove the quotations from the NSLOOKUP.In response, you should see a message that looks similar to this: The IP address that returns should match the IP address that is shown next to your hostname on the Hosts/Redirects page.It will take 60 seconds for the changes to fully propagate to the new IP address.

Next, to the hostname, you will see the IP address that we are currently resolving to.

these guide lines are copied from MS forums,and it's good to follow so it may helps at your case: 1. You can create it manually on the DNS server, else wait for the server to update is database/DNS entries.

The machine's DNS entries in the NIC, must be ONLY configured to use the internal DNS servers that host the zone. The Primary DNS Suffix on the machine must match the zone name in DNS. This usually is set to 15 min by default, else it was modified somehow.

Note: This software must be installed and running at all times in order to continue sending us an update.

If the update client gets turned off, or if the computer is shut down or falls asleep, the update client will stop working and we will not receive any updates. If your hostname is showing the correct IP address, but you cannot connect to your device, the next step is to make sure that the hostname is resolving properly.

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