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Tall women aren't only confident, but also dominant and cocky.There is something about tall women that simply drives certain men crazy. Tall women consider having long legs the most important perk of them all.Let's face it: men are really into women who know their own strength and trust themselves (even though it is normal for men to offer protection to their female companions).However, just to be clear, even though they don't really show it, big girls need love too.It is also a boost for your ego to be chosen first for team sports in gym class.In the same time, because of your physical attributes, people take you seriously from a younger age compared to other girls.It is common for men to consider very tall women "alpha females".

You will always be considered a kind of celebrity (without all the pressure that being famous actually brings).

Having long legs is both an advantage and a disadvantage: men have something to look at, but having long legs sometimes makes shopping quite difficult for women. If there is one perk of being tall, it is that men find it easier to notice tall girls.

Short women find it easy to blend in with the crowd, but tall women cannot hide: they will be noticed. This is because modeling companies usually chose very tall women.

Your legs become even more dangerous if you are adventurous enough to wear heels. Men just love women who are able to show off their feminine side by wearing the right pieces of clothing.

This means that you should go for the more girly clothes, such as short dresses and skirts.

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This is especially advantageous at concerts or other shows where taller people might bother those shorter than them. How many times did you hear that you look just like a model? If you are wondering whether there are guys who like big girls, you should keep this in mind. If you are ever uncertain whether men like you the way you are, just think about all those tall celebrities who have found a partner.

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