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, got in a fight with an equine over the weekend and lost. He slaughtered Navi, sipped coffee while watching forests get torched, and was generally just a big jerk. From Steven Spielberg, the sci-fi drama follows a family that goes back to prehistoric times to give humanity another shot at survival. In other executive producer David Fury has left the show. The dreaded "creative differences." This does not bode well for a series that I'm already geeking out over. Remember how Oprah gave her studio audience free trips to Australia yesterday? ABC is developing a comedy from writers Kourtney Kang and Joe Kelly.

That's what I did, although at times it was very difficult for me." Carrey credits a healthy diet and natural supplements for his improved mental health.Kiernan looked older than her age in a Dolce & Gabbana sleeveless dress with shoulder straps that fell to just above the knee.The subtle almond color and pink blossom print highlighted her youthfulness.She accessorized with metallic gold ALDO “Margetts” sandals and wore minimal makeup, a smart move that accentuated her freshness.She topped off her look with lip gloss to add a touch of glamour.

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