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It teaches you how to transform bad experiences of the past into positive strength-building references.

- Becoming your own life coach - How to improve your self-esteem - Quickly establishing trust with a woman - Impressing a woman with your character - How to appear confident to women - A conversation starter approach - How to conquer your emotional energy - A plan to pull your self out of depression - Initiating yourself into manhood - Tools to build a charismatic inner presence - Quickly overcoming the pain of a bad breakup - Building your self confidence by seeking out rejection - Creating your own unique identity and personality - Turning a bad response from a woman into a good thing - How to be in a relationship and still be independent - Blending your intellect with your street smarts - Identifying your objectives to achieve your goals - A technique for supercharging your cocky comedy skills - An exercise to identify your 3 main inner issues - How to block a woman from effecting your emotions - Transforming stress, anger and anxiety into self-esteem - A guide to the operating system of the human mind - A simple psychological technique to conquer anger and anxiety - The big mistake men make that allows a woman to take all of their power - Why human nature can actually prevent you from having success with women - An exercise to identify how you are letting women control your actions - A scientific method of solving psychological problems using simple charts I highly recommend this program to anyone who has deep routed issues that make them feel like there is no point in learning techniques because they dont have control of themselves or their life.

I will warn those of you who are not secure that this program repeatably advises and even lectures against techniques that are not part of who you are.

It doesnt say you cant says that just using a technique that makes you appear a certain personality is only hurting need to become more of that part of yourself that you lack with action experience and learning.

Dr Paul...a very established psychologist teaches most of this course.

We all know what psychologists takes are going to be on the idea that biology is the biggest influence... If your the kind of person who will listen over and over and internalize it..yourself the tough questions and take the time to not only figure yourself out but to take actions consistant with what you learn then it is worth 10 times the money.

The Third Audio File Adds Extra Info To Help Heal Both Of These Aspects Of Your Personality.

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Working With Your Inner Child Two Meditations: One Takes You To Meet Your Inner Child And The Other Takes You To Meet Your Inner Adolescent.

It addresses the core of inner game issues and how change must begin from within you.

The program shows you how to identify specific problems that are ruining your chances with women, and how to fix them.

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