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Unless they discover the truth about this man they will continue to believe a lie.

There is some excellent information available through the Internet regarding the deception that is tolerated and practiced by the governing body at Focus on the Family.During my tenure with Focus the management there had told me and the other employees that the Tom Papania broadcast would not be re-aired on the daily Focus radio program because it created too much of a response through the phone lines which our staff was not prepared to handle.That's what I was led to believe until I had the impromptu conversation with that other Focus employee who told me what he said was the real reason.Scarfone has publicly admitted to the agreement but Focus on the Family has not.I felt a sense of betrayal in realizing that along with the general public I too was deceived by the Focus leadership.

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The tape was discontinued shortly before a settlement was reached in the year 2000 with Focus on the Family by way of a confidential church based resolution initiated by one Rocky Scarfone (the man who had parts of his story stolen by Tom Papania).

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