Ethics of dating a coworker

Generally, values relate more to what we believe; ethics relate more to how we act.In a therapeutic relationship, ethical concerns can be viewed as an integral part of the helping relationship and can facilitate the therapeutic process.Supervisors are often in the unenviable position of making difficult decisions about how to do more with less, perhaps even downsizing programs or staff, caused by reduced funding and increased costs.

As social workers, we are fortunate to have the to guide our practice.

A supervisor can be held liable for “not identifying inappropriate therapy, ignoring inappropriate behavior, or supervising in a negligent or insufficient manner” (NASW Trust, 2000).

Some employees perceive the sole job of a supervisor as making employees uncomfortable.

However, it could easily be argued that every standard applies to the supervisory relationship in some way since a contemporary view in social work is that supervision is actually a form of social work practice and mutual aid (Brashears, 1995).

In addition, social work supervisors have multiple professional resources available to them.

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