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After finishing tenth in the short program, he contracted a bacterial infection. This is your entire life—think about how many people and how many steps it took to get on the team, and you’re going to give it up because you don’t feel well?

“I was like, ‘Send me home, send me home right now,’ and they were giving me all these injections, but my veins kept collapsing because I was so dehydrated,” he says. Okay, it’s up to you.’ ” Lysacek skipped practice but skated the long program, performing one of the best routines of his career and placing fourth overall, and his grit was featured in NBC’s coverage.

If Weir is pushing gender boundaries, posing for theme, emphasizes technical feats to the point of being criticized as robotic.

It’s athletics versus aesthetics, among other things, and it’s also good copy, a story line to keep the fans interested and taking sides.

Weir once scoffed to the New York you have Adam Lambert and Kris Allen,” says Michelle Kwan, whose former coach now works with Lysacek.

“Weir is Lambert, he’s out there, and Evan is Kris, with a wider appeal.” This is, of course, all relative.

Evan Morgenstein, the CEO of the PMG Sports agency, who has represented Bruce Jenner, Mark Spitz, and Greg Louganis, thinks that Lysacek is primed to become a “rock star.” “He’s a good-looking kid, he’s well spoken—in the end, every endorsement deal starts with whether you’re ‘mediable’ or not,” he says. He is currently sponsored by Coca-Cola, Ralph Lauren, and AT&T, and has a contract with DNA Models.

Lysacek is hoping be the first mainstream male figure-skating star since Hamilton.

Weir, a three-time national champion who is a clever performer, always shrewdly in on the joke, was parodied in the Will Ferrell movie But he was never considered “mainstream,” at least not to the figure-skating powers that be, who want to play up its speed and daring, not its shimmer and mannered style.

Olympic champions Hayes Jenkins, David Jenkins and Dorothy Hamill at various stages of their careers.

Even with the fall, his performance was good enough to take second place overall, behind Jeremy Abbott (who skated flawlessly, successfully landing a quad) and ahead of his more flamboyant nemesis, Johnny Weir, who downgraded the difficulty of one jump and stepped out of another in the midst of performing.

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“I’ve never been scared to have him talk to anybody on our behalf,” says Dina Gerson, the director of Olympic marketing of Coca-Cola North America (Lysacek’s silhouette is currently on Coke cans).

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