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There are even some who actually make a living out of whoring themselves out to the world.The possibilities are endless when you have a webcam and a good internet connection.WATCH NOW Sure, it’s not a NASA view from space, but it may be the next best thing.A guy has a bubble machine in his back yard and viewers can log in and control the bubble machine.Si Digital has created a robot that users can control from their website.You guide a robotic arm to pick up metal balls and drop them in different holes worth a different amount of points. The line to play usually isn’t too long if you’re interested in taking over the robot for a bit.People do all sorts of things in front of their webcams.The most common type of webcam videos you’ll see on the internet would be homemade masturbation videos.

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It isn’t really a surprise to know that a lot of people enjoy the thrill of having someone watch them while they do nasty things.

And since doing indecent things in public would definitely get you in jail, people who love being watched as they explore their sexuality turn to the internet to show the world how dirty they can be.

Webcam videos have been in circulation ever since the internet started being used for porn.

You’ll find all sorts of content that show people either pleasuring themselves by solo masturbating on camera, or couples, and even groups of people enjoying each other sexually knowing that their video will be posted online for everyone to see.

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