Gay dating someone with hiv

This is called primary HIV infection, and what’s happening here is that your body is trying to fight off the HIV infecting it.

It’s extremely difficult to give an exact risk of getting HIV.

However, the same isn’t true for lambskin condoms, which are more porous and allow HIV to pass through.In fact, some people don’t know they are infected with the virus for years, because they haven’t noticed any symptoms. However, some people experience symptoms in the first two to four weeks after they’ve been infected.These are usually described as an extremely bad flu — fever, a sore throat, headache, achy muscles and joints, and rash.The main ones are having unprotected sex (we’ll get to protection tools later) with someone who has HIV and sharing needles with someone living with HIV when you inject drugs.HIV positive mothers can also transmit to their babies through blood during pregnancy and when they give birth, or during breastfeeding through breastmilk.

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That’s because it depends on a number of factors, including how much of the virus is in the other person’s fluids and how it’s getting into your body (through what site).

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