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It’s up to you, but you don’t want to wait too long.It is imperative to tell your date when you know sex is imminent – not after.Being knowledgeable might be the difference between him being able to accept that you have herpes or not.Plus, this line of discussion opens up talks about his own STI status and ensures that you’re both having safer sex and getting tested frequently.If you suspect you have herpes because a sore has suddenly appeared or if you’ve recently been diagnosed, your mind might be in a whirlwind. Herpes, also known as Herpes Simplex Virus 2, is a virus that causes genital sores.You might be too busy dealing with pain to think about dating. There are at least two types, one of which (HSV-1) also causes cold sores around your mouth.So if you think you might have sex at the end of your third date, it might be something you bring up at the beginning of that date.Many people struggle with what exactly to say, so you can work off of this template From here, you can talk about how you were once diagnosed with herpes and that you now treat it and must have safer sex to avoid transmission.

You'll also learn the 5 dangerous mistakes that will ruin your sex life and relationship. However, all sorts of people can contract this STI, and it says nothing about your character if you did. Your doctor can tell you as much, just like she can tell you over 25 million adults have herpes.

There’s a lot of stigmas that still surrounds herpes and those who have it.

Sometimes, your partner will need time to think about it.

There are sites that exist specifically for those who have been diagnosed, so you needn’t worry about difficult conversations or transmission.

Obviously, this narrows your dating field, and finding true love can be hard enough as is. If you’re dating someone who doesn’t have herpes, read on to learn how to deal with that. Telling someone that you have herpes is never easy, and the first time you need to disclose might be especially difficult.

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Other people wait until they’ve got more of a rapport with their dates in hopes that it will encourage their partner to stick around even after disclosure.

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