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The Supreme Court and many High Courts struck down many laws made by the state and central governments of the day.

The American first amendment guarantees free speech amond other things.

I have just finished the first part dealing with the Nehru years and am surprised by what I've read.

Nehru and Patel and his cabinet had a huge fight with the Judiciary over the Government's right to restrict property rights (redistributing Zamindar lands etc) and also many speech rights.

In contrast our first amendment, which is an absolute mess to read for an engineer like me because it makes additions and modifications to an existing statute in the consitution, takes away freedom and gives the government the right to make some laws without Court interference.

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Then you go to a sort of escrow period the length of which you agree with the owner.

That ends with the final contract when both parts sign in front of a notary (- If you are planning to buy land to build a house, you should consider that any plot classed as rustic or agricultural land (terreno agricolo) has restricted building and will cost much less than urban plots.

It is a humongous constitution, maybe the longest in the world.

I am reading a book on the history of our Constitution by Granville Austin.

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There is also the check on their power in the form of the President excercising his veto.

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