He started dating someone else who is carli lloyd dating

There’s a new term floating around the internet called “micro-cheating:” it refers to small actions that amount to the guy you’re with being physically or emotionally invested in someone other than you.

Are they spaced far apart and just friendly, or are they cozied up together, touching one another?

Since then, your love life has amounted to Netflix and chill…emphasis on the I get it.

You know that as you evolve in a relationship, you’ll go out less and spend more time at home. It feels like he doesn’t want to take you out…and there may be a reason for it. Maybe she’s an ex-girlfriend who he assures you is just a friend.

Maybe she’s a co-worker he spends a lot of time with.

Whoever she is, she’s around more than you think a friend should be. It’s perfectly fine for this guy to have female friends.

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