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In old testament God explain the reason for the creation of the heaven and the Earth and life in it, the reason for the original sin and the fallen people, all important prophecies for the camming of the Savior - Jesus Christ the Son of God and for the edn times - in the book of Daniel .The new testament reveal the way for the slavation and important prophecies for the end time which are in full harmony with those from the old testament.The research engaged new document analysis algorithms aimed at identifying different writers.It detected at least six contemporaneous authors within a corpus of 16 inscriptions.

We know that Moses used this Hebrew Alphabet at Sinai in 1446 BC in the written Law of Moses. Doug Petrovitch is the first person in history to translate these 16 inscriptions and it all started when he realized they were in ancient Hebrew.

Ostraca (ink inscriptions on clay) from the Iron Age fortress of Arad, located in arid southern Judah.

These documents are dated to the latest phase of the First Temple Period in Judah, ca. The texts represent correspondence of local military personnel.

This indicates a high literacy level within the Judahite administration and provides a possible stage-setting for compilation of biblical texts.

Credit: Michael Cordonsky (photographer), Tel Aviv University and the Israel Antiquities Authority.

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Eliezer Piasetzky of TAU's School of Physics and Astronomy.

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