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When Draco is asked to confirm,the trios identity, he lies and pretends like he doesn’t know who they are At the time, it just looked like he was deciding not to be a f*ckboy for once, but Dramione shippers argue that it was because of Hermione that he chose to turn his back on his family and the Dark Lord. Whether this fan theory pleases you or not, you have to admit it’s a least a tad sexy to think about, right?

It also helps that Emma Watson who played Hermione once said she used to have a bit of a crush on Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy.

In 2012 she admitted she had a crush on Felton when she was a kid.

, added the location tag South Africa to an image of himself and Emma Watson.

Tom, 31, appeared to be showing Emma, 29, how to play the guitar and captioned the Instagram snap “quick learner x”.

Emma later shared an Instagram story featuring a beach photo of Tom wearing a vest emblazoned with the words “women do it better”.

Listen, don’t shoot the messenger, we’re just telling you what’s on the interweb, and we even have evidence.

fans knew Hermione Granger would end up with Ron Weasley, but there was a contingent who thought she and Harry should have dated. We shudder at the thought of those readers’ dating choices…Video: See Emma Watson In The First Trailer For Greta Gerwig’s ‘Little Women’But in real life, quite a lot of fans are convinced this is really happening. We’re talking about Emma Watson and Tom Felton, the child stars from the international hit franchise, who have given many onlookers the distinct impression they are in fact dating!

People who thought the heroic and brilliant Hermione Grander should have gotten together with the horrid, sniveling, self-important racist Draco Malfoy. Rowling add-on like the wizard poop thing (don’t look it up if you don’t want Hogwarts ruined for you forever).

She captioned the image “Friends capture you best” and tagged Tom as the photographer.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower actress also shared a sweet selfie with Tom in November 2018, along with a video of the pair riding on his long board together.

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This is not the first time the two British actors have sparked romance rumours.

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