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And yes, Boston, you guessed it, it gimme the jibblies. So in order to watch from a proper, safe distance I made up the... Homestar Runner and Marzipan Extra Real Dating Sim XR! MATT: Somebody's not treatin' Strong Sad very well right now. MARZIPAN: I don't know, they just don't treat us very well sometimes. MATT: Here's your— is this one of your real boyfriends? The game starts to mess with you when the sanity meter is depleted Personally, I just want them to pick up and play some weird game someone sent in.

MARZIPAN: Yeah, uh— again, I'm impressed with the costume design. HOMESTAR RUNNER: Oh, I think I'd remember something like that. We also switched Homestar Runner's gourmet coffee with Super Mud! The Paper, would you bring this fine email to a close? STRONG BAD: Marzipan's gotta face fulla super mud and I'm feelin' fine. (Commentary by: Mike Chapman, Marzipan, Matt Chapman) MIKE: Here we are again, joined in... MARZIPAN: Yeah, thanks for inviting me, Mike and Matt. MARZIPAN: Well, I guess—I know you haven't asked yet, but in my opinion... We've made a dozen of these, and the Grumps still haven't played all the games we want them to. I for one would love to see them play Sonic Generations, or just any game that is interesting and also not very long. Thread archive Conker's Bad Fur Day - the world is colorfull and cutesy, but the characters swear and kill eachother and whatnot. Eternal Darkness - Horror game where you play as 6 or so different characters durring different times fighting against some unthinkable eldrich horror. In this thread, talk about the games you want to see be played on Game Grumps, either by Dan and Arin, or any other Grump combo!

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STRONG BAD: So that gives you a pretty good idea of the lurking horrors.

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