Hugs and dating

Many women play the mind games, and they could use their own charms and arms – to get what they want.

Here, we from introduce to you the list of 11 most common types of hugs that women commonly use.

It is a way for her to tell other people: this guy is mine.

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If you have been seeing her for a while, then you are also in luck. If this is not all the hug that she gives you, it means she just sees you as a temporary shoulder to lean on, and nothing more.

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Among common types of hugs, this one occurs when you catch one another in somewhere public like the street and the woman is in a hurry.

When you touch and hug a person in a specific place, it could mean something different than hugging and avoid touching that person anywhere.

Could you understand a woman by the way she hugs you?

These are 11 types of hugs that women often use and what their means.

She will wrap her arms around you and rests her head on your shoulders for a little while.

If you just want to meet her, then you are lucky as she feels comfortable when being around you.

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