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The design is simple, appealing, and easy to scan, with a call to action set apart on the side and emphasized by both a different color and a border.Best Practice Tip: Keep emails simple so that the actions required by your prospects or customers are always obvious.The content of this webinar follow-up from Audaxium is what makes it really stand out.In addition to providing all relevant contact information, the content of the email is tailored based on the known interests of the recipients (in this case, web marketing and marketing automation).

You want your email to stand out from the rest of the black and white emails landing in your readers’ inboxes.

Many people don’t bother scrolling all the way to the bottom of emails, so calls to action placed at the end of an email could end up being overlooked.

Best Practice Tip: The “Contact Us” section and social share buttons are often neglected during email template design.

Audaxium’s email does a great job of this by providing links to more useful information based on the recipient’s past actions.

While most emails work best as HTML emails, we’ve found that drip emails are the most successful when they’re in a rich text format, which makes them appear as though they’re a one-to-one communication between a sales rep (or someone else at your company) and a prospect.

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