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So is there anything wrong with being friends with benefits?A seemingly innocent question but with all questions pertaining to relationships, there is never a simple Yes or No.Because in the end, if love is not returned, the relationship is terminated and so is the friendship.So in the end, is becoming friends with benefits a good idea?In the case of Robin and Ted, neither of them got hurt but someone else did and badly.Barney, another main character who's something of a Casanova, genuinely loved Robin and was deeply hurt by her physical relationship with Ted.

If both parties, through a beneficial friendship, realize they actually have feelings for each other or develop feelings for each other during the course of such a relationship, it's a happy ending.This sort of relationship is ideal for those who are commitment - phobic.As friends, having a sexual relationship need not mean being committed or being involved with each other.For commitment phobes, this sort of arrangement means no one's heart gets broken, as both man and woman know what the real reason behind their relationship is.In the long run, both parties are spared the heartache of feeling their love is not returned or not wanted.

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