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But the now-22-year-old singer-songwriter didn’t get to party the night away after her big victory.

“I was so sick that weekend that I was in the hospital the day before the Grammys,” says Cara, who also performed at the ceremony.

Though it was the focus of the original Catfish film in 2010, Nev Schulman's love life has been off the cameras on the MTV television series since it began in 2012.

But, with Schulman traveling around the country to help other people find true romance in their lives, one has to wonder: How's Nev doing, after his own catfish experience?

“I know it sounds that way,” she says, “but I actually was writing that song about my insecurities and wrote about them as if they were a person.” But “Not Today” and other tracks were indeed inspired by a setback in love. “Oh, my God, no, I’m not even thinking about [dating] right now. “Right now is just a period where I wanna think more about myself, because I don’t think I’ve ever had the chance to do that [with] my career.

Giving so much of myself to a bunch of different people, I’ve never had that time for me, so I think I’m gonna take advantage now.” Growing up, Cara — who “technically” lives with her parents in Toronto — says her musical heroes were female artists such as Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill and Pink. unapologetically themselves.” And now Cara is part of a wave of Canadian artists — including Drake, The Weeknd and Shawn Mendes — who are killing the music game in the US and beyond.

The tune’s empowering message to embrace your imperfections has turned Cara into a role model for young women.

It just put me in a position with this new responsibility to continue being that artist who talks about those issues.

I mean, it’s a beautiful box to be put into if I do have to be put into one.

'Your anxiety must of got lost in the smoke, cos there's that chair behind me, I slump nervously, your hands are over me, quietly you tell me, I've never given anyone a lap dance before, whaaaaaat?

' Underscored by poetry, movement and original beats, Pink Lemonade is a solo piece of experimental theatre which explores femxle masculinity, racial fetishism, sexuality and gender identity.

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