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“But when he left for a meeting or something, Joanna and I were left on our own on the set, so we certainly mined it for all the subtext we could find!

Their relationship has semi-canonical status; while it has never been explicitly written into canon, Joanne Kelly (Myka Bering) has stated that she and Jaime Murray decided on their own that their characters were in love.

I don’t think Stahma is close to — Plus: Season 4 Time Jump Scoop WHAT A GIRL NEED/WANTS But is that about to change?

After all, a promo for this episode got sites such as After Ellen buzzing with a glimpse of Stahma in a sumptuous Need/Want bed, and Kenya in very close proximity.

Promos put out by Syfy and tweets from the production team also acknowledged the attraction, making fans hopeful for a canon romance.

“It’s an interesting mechanism for throwing people together who might not otherwise spend time with one another,” Murray tells TVLine.

“She said that to Amanda in that moment to achieve an objective.

So I don’t think it’s like she and Kenya are buddies.

is a popular femslash pairing in the Warehouse 13 fandom.

At one point, speaking at a panel at Comic-Con, Joanne Kelly said of her co-star Jaime Murray, "Jaime is such a good actress and I have so much fun with her.

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