No cost mobile dating

I don't collect personally identifiable information and resell it.

There are no membership levels, no silver, no premium, no Ultra Grand Poobah mega membership. Then on your profile select the city you are interested in speed dating in.

Hily is a relatively new dating app and uses technology to match users better.

Using swiping functions, likes, messages and the ability to create stories, the intelligent app learns more about you, giving you better match suggestions in the future. Clover mixes and matches some interesting app features to create something unique.

No, you don't get a cool, or even a kewl username - in real life you don't (hopefully) walk around with your alias on your tshirt.

So, Elite Singles has done all the research so you don’t have to.

Or one of you could just avert your eyes at this point, because they say things like "hey baybee" or "yer cute" or "wanna see my..." Or their private gallery is filled with images that are... Only A Glance is safer than other sites, because you provide a lot less information, and we don't store and credit card info because we don't ask for any. Indirectly you may just cause that special person to join and ... Like us on facebook, tweet about this, and tweet at onlyaglance Yes, completely free.

Because search functions don't work - you can spend all day refining a search for the perfect person and never have a spark.

You can now chat, and see each other's private gallery of pictures. Conversely, you may have a spark with someone who doesn't fit your extremely long bullet list of requirements.

You know, pics that you would only share with someone you were getting to know - here are my kids, my dog, what I look like in a ball gown or scuba suit. In real life you just run into people, and they catch your eye. This site is free and will remain free - you can help by spreading the word!

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