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Petulance appeared to be an essential part of his nature, as did laziness, in contrast to everyone else in his family—even his younger sister Kim had helped pay the bills with her paper route. “Whether it was simply because he was a typical teenager or because he was depressed, no one knew.” By summer 1982, Kurt left Montesano to live with Uncle Jim in South Aberdeen.

His uncle was surprised to be given the responsibility.

The first thing Warren had to deal with was Kurt’s guitar—it was more suited for showing off at school than playing. Kurt continued to go to school in Monte through the second month of his sophomore year, but then transferred to Aberdeen’s Weatherwax High.

It was the same school his mother and father had graduated from, but despite the family roots and the proximity to his mother’s home—it was ten blocks away—he was an outsider there.

Built in 1906, Weatherwax stretched over three city blocks, with five separate buildings, and Kurt’s class had 300 students—three times as large as Monte.

In Aberdeen, Kurt found himself in a school with four factions—stoners, jocks, preppies, and nerds—and he initially fit into none of them.

With wood that was left over, Kurt built a crude chess set.

Kurt assisted by methodically stapling miniature cedar shingles on the roof of the structure.Kurt spent several months with his Uncle Chuck, where he began to take guitar lessons.Chuck was in a band with a fellow named Warren Mason, one of the hottest guitar players on the harbor.At his grandparents’, he had the sympathetic ear of his beloved Iris, and there were moments when he and Leland shared closeness, but he spent much of his time by himself.It was yet another step toward a larger, profound loneliness.

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From there Kurt stayed with Wendy’s brothers and sisters.

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