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Are you sick of the fact that all the women you meet seem to look the same?Are you tired of going to all of the same places only to end up disappointed?Norwegians work from 10 am to 4 pm, so they have time for everything.Children are brought up in terms of love and understanding.

A mail order bride from Norway can spice up your life and add a great deal of excitement.A distinctive feature of all Norwegian women is tolerance towards other people.Locals do not like conflicts, they solve any problems peacefully.Marrying a norwegian woman, you will find a calm and measured life, filled with happiness.Norwegian brides are not only beautiful, but also smart. They can have a well-paying job and have time to raise a child while their husbands are busy with business.

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  2. No work, no kids, no dates, just Netflix and a bath (or, let’s be honest, some actual sleep! When you’re dating a single mum you can’t just whisk her away for a romantic weekend: not when she has to organize a babysitter, emergency numbers, and replacement routines.