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There’s no skin in this 0,000,000 blockbuster, despite rumors that an alien sex scene was cut from the movie, but we do see co-star Sigourney Weaver in nothing but a few vines to cover her nakedness.

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But equally, isn't it curious that games very rarely include sex or nudity as part of the package, like movies and television often (always! Kratos has sex in God of War, hilariously, with two chicks, but he's offscreen.Tom Bombadil has the Hobbits run naked in the sunlight to recover from the horror of the barrow-wight.Not saying it should be in-game – there are plenty of reasons why it shouldn't – but it is in keeping with the established setting.How about shorts and no shirt (males, natch, this isn't Age of Conan)...?Technically speaking, nudity is even lore-appropriate to the novel.

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Anyway, here I am trying to find pictures of The Sims to use in a presentation, and the first Google Images result - with moderate filter on - here in the US is the nekkid Sims patch. This is the most popular videogame ever made - just think of the quantities and quantities of The Sims images created - and this is the first result for "The Sims" in Google Images? It's curious, there's been lots of muttering about sex and videogames, but comparatively little produced, when you think about it.

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