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I'm sure that she was shown pictures of a leech's mouth prior to entering the tank; I know that I would have done so.

When the leeches slide into her the screams heard through the snorkel are chilling.

The picture below shows the mouth of a leech ringed with sharp teeth.

This all sounds rather horrific, although leeches have been used by physicians throughout history.

A native Louisianan, Stacey Lawrence was the daughter of showbiz parents; her father running a small touring carnival.

A lifelong Jazz lover, she attended Temple University to study music.

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But that would not do justice to the beautifully nuanced and sinister Sadism on display. It is not happenstance that it took virtually no time at all for the leeches to find her cunt.

And when they did, just look at how quickly they dove in.

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